Frequently Asked Questions

How does the e-Library work?

We prepared a short presentation of some of the most important features of the e-Library. Please click here to see the e-Llibrary Presentation.


How do I find what i am looking for?
You may use the search or advanced search in order to search for our publications and documents.

How can I subscribe?
Please fill in the application form.

How can I reach you?

You can reach us by any number of means including mail, telephone, FAX, and e-mail. To reach us via mail use the following address:

[email protected]

What is the e-Library?
Along with many physical resources, books, journals and DVDs etc, e-Libraries provide access to a wealth of electronic resources. These include databases, journals and e-books. Access to these resources has been bought by the e-Library through subscription and is limited to the general public or the subscriber.

What can I access?

The e-Library provides access to the e-journals, e-books, and databases.

e-Library Search – searches simultaneously across books, journals, journal articles. This can be a good starting point when deciding which resource to search on.
e-Books – most e-books are indexed on the Library Catalogue, marked as [electronic resource].
e-Journals – access to full text journal titles to which the Library subscribes.
Databases – search across collections of journal articles, electronic books and other material. The A-Z list of Databases is useful when you know which resource you want to use. Otherwise it is recommended that you consult the Subject guides or contact Librarian for assistance.

Are the resources free?
You do not have to pay to access any of the resources because the e-Library has already paid a subscription and are free for staff, students and individuals who visit the e-Library to read.